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  • Can I pay by Credit Card?
  • Can I setup autopayment (subscription)?
  • How long will it take for my server/teamspeak/website to be setup?
  • Do you own your servers or rent them?
  • Do you sponsor clans?
  • What happens if I am unable to pay on time
  • How do I upgrade or downgrade voice or gameserver slots

  • Can I pay by Credit Card

  • Yes, Paypal offers the facility to pay via all major Credit cards on their site, even if you dont have a paypal account
    When ordering select paypal as your payment option, then click the paypal button on the last page of ordering, or, when you receive your invoice via email, click the "pay now with paypal" image and follow the instructions on paypals website (select the option - dont have a paypal account, and you will be taken to a page to pay via credit card).

  • Can I setup autopayment (subscription)?

  • Yes, You can setup a paypal subscription when ordering a service, or you can setup a subscription anytime you receive and invoice via email, just click the paypal "subscription" image and follow the details on paypals website.

  • How long will it take for my server/teampseak/website to be setup?
  • 540Hosting system is fully automated, which means your service will be setup within 5 minutes of payment being received,
    Note: for game servers and teamspeak servers your will receive an additional email which contains a link to a setup page, click the link within the email and enter the details on the webpage to setup your service, after entering your information and clicking "setup", your teamspeak server will be installed within a minute (gameserver will take less than 20minutes) , after the service has been successfully installed you will receive an email with all the details in (Ip, ports etc..).

  • Do You own your servers or rent them?

  • We own all of our servers, we also own our Game and webhosting control panels - we dont have reseller accounts

  • Do you sponsor clans?
  • We do occasionally sponsor clans if you can show/explain how it will provide positive return on investement (ROI) -
    Although we do have some requirements;
       1. Clan website
       2. Participate in at least 1 gaming league, preferably 2.
       3. Play 4 matches per week and record your matches on your website e.g. using a War system
    If you would like to apply, please goto the contactus page and fill in the contact form

  • What happens if I am unable to pay on time?

  • You will be invoiced 5 days before payment is due, on your due date you will receive a reminder email, and 4 subsiquent reminder emails informing of payment due, after 4 days of no payment being received your service will be automatically suspended, please contact 540Hosting staff if you wish to pay late and we can give you some extra days leeway to pay

  • How do I upgrade or downgrade voice or gameserver slots ?

  • Please login to billing and create a Question requesting the upgrade or downgrade of the slots, including existing slots and new slots required.
    The change can be made immediately, if upgrading the amount of slots an invoice will be sent for the price difference, when the invoice is paid your slots will be adjusted.



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